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You understand what’s up guys Pat here and at present we’re gonna be talking about affiliate marketing and once more thank you so much for joining me in these days we’re gonna speak about some just right stuff like how I used to be ready to make over 300 thousand bucks by selling one product now this has been something that’s happened over three years and no i’m no longer talking about a hosting manufacturer numerous you realize I make quite a little bit from selling a distinct hosting organization it can be now not that so ensure you stick round if you are watching reside stick around considering the fact that that is going to be super i am gonna instruct you a lot of the techniques and exhibit you my account to exhibit you that this is surely true that i’m making this a lot money from this single product i will reveal this product in only a second and tell you exactly why this product is so high-quality it’s without a doubt now not a very highly-priced product both i do know various people assume that you simply must promote a thousand greenback product and get 50% commission simply to do really good good this isn’t that additionally i’ll exhibit you exactly the place and the way I promote this product and i would love for you to simply decide on this kind of things so as you’re going by means of this you are aware of it’s gonna be a lot however all you want is one to start out with due to the fact that like I said I built this variety of database and an arsenal of strategies overtime after which I used to be equipped to sort of begin to see the income begin to grow so yes that you can become profitable brief time period via doing these procedures however as you construct these up it turns into a relatively quality part of your portfolio so what’s up guys so let’s have a look at can you guys see me I just want to make sure that is ok I see a person scorching sauce says is that this simply audio i gained your last livestream I did not trap your contact e-mail says sensational like Pat at smartpassiveincome.Com my method will seem out for it I see you and i am guessing you guys can hear me too or else you would not have answered that question so let’s get began guys affiliate advertising we do not want this anymore and so we’re gonna dive into it and i’m gonna show you without a doubt the back end of the affiliate account program that i’m using to speak about this product virtually before we get to that massive shout out and thank you to adam Richardson who last week on the replay won the need it fly book and the a spat t-shirt for these of you observing the replay right now you could also win by answering a query i am gonna ask you at the finish of this stream and i’m going to announce the winner next week when you consider that we go live each Friday now which is particularly cool so incredible let’s speak about this so what is this product well let me describe this product for you quite quick it is a $29 product nevertheless it’s $29 a month to use it now various humans speak concerning the holy grail of passive earnings and that’s a routine passive revenue now when persons hear that they in general consider of membership web pages right developing your own membership internet site being an affiliate for a product that has a habitual income that will pay out month-to-month as long as folks keep on I believe is the Holy Grail given that wager what a membership web site will not be convenient to create it’s now not easy to manage it can be now not handy to get new individuals and it is no longer convenient to hold new members on when you’ve got a product that you just promote as an affiliate that has a ordinary earnings they usually pay month-to-month well then bet what even though it might fee $29 and you get 30% which is practically 10 dollars a month per individual that adds up for the reason that in the event you get 10 people one month good you add an additional 10 persons the next month now you’re at multiples of that revenue so that is exceptional so any guesses we’ve got some humans guessing what this product is already for those of you who are on the streamer earlier you already know this and i’m so joyful you might see me now that is why we’re doing an encore at present on the grounds that I had a random digital camera and go I had this digital camera perspective earlier than despite the fact that it used to be most effective showing a light and that is it for five minutes so we’re type of redoing this proper now and i’ll take you into the pc this time as well and exhibit you this product can also be pleasant due to the fact that it is a kind of merchandise that when you see it practically sells itself when you are doing any form of affiliate advertising if which you can show the product and if a character sees that demonstration can envision and see themselves simply getting so many high-quality results from that product swiftly then it is gonna be a giant win for you now that is the undertaking when it comes to selling digital merchandise like a web based path or even an e book correct what does an indication of an internet direction appear like what is an illustration of an e-book appear like how can a man or woman imagine themselves you understand getting a result with that correct away that is why bodily products are actually quite great for affiliate advertising so making use of things like Amazon neighbors however particularly application and that’s what this product is a few of you may have already guessed what this product is and that’s convertkit so i’m gonna take you to the backend of my pc here and so this is my account for convertkit which runs via an affiliate software referred to as get ambassador so very very like convertkit itself convertkit that you can without a doubt go to undergo metrics comm and see the profits that of that convert will get making good i’m doing the same factor here so this is convertkit I’ve earned really it can be close towards $400,000 again this failed to occur overnight this isn’t convenient to do however should you do it right things can add up over time and you will see that that i have been paid 350 okay over time for this product now why convertkit why is this like a pleasant thing to promote good here is the large strategy here it is yes whatever that may be a first-class tool it can be something that when you see you’re like wow i will be able to imagine myself utilizing that i do know the enormous method is i don’t educate e-mail advertising I coach constructing online companies entrepreneurship and it simply so occurs that part of that system of constructing a business and getting online is electronic mail advertising and marketing so when your affiliate product turns into a smaller piece to a larger hole which you can even train that entire thing at no cost i’ve tutorials and different matters on e mail advertising which i’m going to exhibit you in just a second so stick around however when you train the entire factor you supply a lot worth and it just so occurs that step 3 is the software that you simply use whether or not a person makes use of that device or not you’re giving them price however because you exhibit and exhibit how you employ that instrument in an total procedure it is simply it’s simply it just is smart proper considering the fact that then you do not even need to particularly sell it it is simply a part of the method you’re teaching folks to head from A to Z and just so occurs that letter J is some thing that you could make just a little bit faster and be done more efficiently with a tool so various men and women are like convertkit yeah proposal so i am once more i am completely happy you guys are right here okay so let’s let’s let’s speak about this even more so affiliate marketing what’s the quantity one thing besides having a first-rate product correct what what’s one thing that you are able to do to fairly knock it out of the park whilst you promote this well i’m gonna show you let’s go back in and share the reveal and i’m gonna exhibit you and i’m gonna take you to convert– to convert– kits demo on YouTube this is a demo that I created and this is anything which you can effectively do your self create a video demonstration of you utilizing that product so this can be a convertkit demo it’s been seen 25,000 occasions and once more this used to be released in 2015 so close to three years ago and you can see it is you know virtually for those who go to youtube and also you kind in convertkit it can be simply the first thing that indicates up now that didn’t occur correct away but whilst you furnish value you’ll be observed now let me go back to the digicam right here and speak about this with you so a demo how does this work why does it make sense it is sensible seeing that when men and women want to buy anything they want to see what it is like first before they buy it people wish to buy what they understand correct why would folks buy stuff that they do not know so why now not do some thing like a video demonstration to offer them the entire insights and the insides and the way that factor works so that they may be able to be more relaxed with that purchase another things right here on this demonstration i am sure speaking about the product but i’m now not doing necessarily a evaluation on it there may be quite a few studies on things and sure you should utilize our video to do a evaluate as good however a demo a demo shows humans the right way to use it so it’s now not only a assessment proper i am displaying humans methods to use it so this 20-some bizarre minute video walks men and women through so what’s my intention what is your purpose when you are doing a demo to show a character how effortless it’s to make use of so feel of even unboxing movies there’s plenty of YouTube channels right here like unbox therapy other ones with thousands of subscribers what are these men and women do they actually get a package deal and film themselves opening that factor and then individuals are like oh i would like that on the grounds that they are able to imagine themselves utilizing it and the character demonstrates how effortless it’s to use and so they’re like oh that is it that is all I bought to do good of course and then when you provide worth and teach whilst and you let persons understand what you do must do for FTC laws you have to let folks understand that sure you do get an affiliate fee in case you go by means of this hyperlink for illustration which I do in that video and in the description have to try this good then persons are gonna wish to go by means of that hyperlink given that you might have helped them out you were the one to show them that factor and that’s your job as a person doing affiliate advertising and marketing there’s a product out there that exists out there persons are customarily purchasing it already but maybe they do not even realize it exists and there’s this viewers here who wants some help or needs that factor or something your job is to marry the 2 and then magic can happen correct in order that that that is form of how this works so amber says i’ve problem envisioning how this might work within the parenting niche suppose of tools that you just might use or or video games that you simply might play along with your kids that you can show people and exhibit the way you definitely play those games each different blogger just promotes a big merchandise yes that is the opposite thing like you you need to be very selective with the products that you promote as good so that is a demo and what do you do with this demo well to start with you placed on YouTube without doubt put a video on YouTube people they most of the time go to youtube first simply to look for things proper so that is quantity one quantity two at any time when you point out this product now for your internet site mention the demo is well linked to it that is gonna create back links again to that video which sure it can be gonna be a nofollow hyperlink if for these of you an search engine optimization world but it does play a role in everything and the way persons in finding matters and plus correct like should you recounted this product if you’re gonna be like oh convertkit i have no idea good there is a demo i’m going to go i’ll absolutely go see what it looks like so now i have this demo which could be very excessive value plus it’s my voice you do not even need to put your face on the video and individuals are hearing me they usually’re hearing how I teach and so they’re seeing how convenient it is to use good i am also constructing a relationship with them whilst and so that can be worthwhile for folks who are on your website every time I point out it on a podcast a guys by the way there’s a convert get demo i’m going to hyperlink to it in the exhibit notes for you so you’ll discover precisely how handy that is to make use of so see I put the improvement in there as good so that is the video demo so hold that in intellect that’s like procedure quantity one so let’s go back into the computer here and look on the subsequent process it is a very simple thing you can do that is the most rewarding web page on smart passive sales and it has been each single yr in existence and that is the useful resource web page this is a web page on your website that has a list of resources which were tools that you’ve got used that you’ve that you simply commenced oh you will discover it can be truely broken down into specific sections if I scroll right down to the start electronic mail advertising list building section boom there is convertkit there may be a bit of little bit of a paragraph there at the back of there I clearly should link to the demo here as good I have no idea why it can be now not doing that but it must and then which you can click on this link to be an affiliate now of course the affiliate disclosures at the prime of this page however a useful resource page is a very superb thing to have in your website considering the fact that guess what it can be an extraordinarily passive strategy folks will on the whole go to the resource web page given that it can be a record of assets people love tools and assets to aid them rapid-forward their outcome and so also it can be some thing that you can just point out in passing anyplace on your pockets hiya guys if you want to verify out the record of the entire effective resources that i’m making use of proper now to help me with X Y & Z verify out my useful resource web page is that smartpassiveincome.Com slash assets you speak a few exact software on a on a blog put up although it could not be that instrument you can say by the way we’ve got a list of other tools that you can find that I vetted that i’ve experienced with that i have demonstrations on on my resource page at smartpassiveincome.Com cut back assets let’s see here where’s the high-quality location to find out what businesses pay out to an affiliate good i might truely start with what merchandise you utilize and then check to see if they’ve an affiliate program typically they do oftentimes they do in many instances they do not if they do not it might no longer simply be public so you can sincerely reach out to them and say howdy i’ve this audience i’d love to advertise your product you’ve got an affiliate program typically sometimes called a accomplice program or a referral application simply so you realize so some businesses do not know what affiliate means however you can use the words referral software or accomplice application – very well let’s preserve going here now we have bought some extra stuff to exhibit you so going into the compute tour so here is a further video and you will see that right here it says tips on how to begin an electronic mail s tutorial video 1 however there’s additionally tutorial video 2 tutorial video three tutorial video for it is an individual unsubscribe simply to look if this number went down you are funny i like you guys crew Flynn for the win so there’s six videos right here in a series and don’t forget I mentioned earlier that you could coach a entire procedure and it just so occurs that as part of that procedure you recounted this tool super excessive price tremendous shareable super Google that means it’s going to be whatever that is high and the resource that can be discovered in search or you to beable if you’ll so this is video one and this is where I recounted ok for this reason email building an e-mail list is predominant and here’s a instrument that I suggest video to convert it is now not acknowledged in right here at all it’s part of a system right get extra e mail subscribers video 3 techniques to get extra electronic mail subscribers quantity four the best way to set up an autoresponder sequence number 5 easy methods to installed a broadcast e mail so even though i don’t peculiarly mention convertkit in those emails for illustration I do use convertkit as the demoing program but I normally say would not topic what program you use this shall be worthwhile for you but of path persons see me using convertkit they need to follow the identical factor they are gonna use the equal cools to the identical tools too so there you go so first-class dialog taking place in chat proper now incidentally if you have not hit subscribed yet hit subscribe we are able to make this counter develop up i am going live every Friday and so if you’re coming from the email I sent out earlier whether or not you are staring at the replay or gazing are living proper now hit subscribe in view that i am going full force on YouTube correct now’s lovely splendid do not fear the podcast is not going wherever okay so let’s hold going here so part of a sequence that can be very sharable now of course you might need to additionally what do you do with that sequence well put that to your weblog why would not you write it’s a it’s a tutorial excessive end it is video so make an instructional for your web publication as well and guess what you link to these movies on this tutorial so truly that you would be able to repurpose this content material in lots of unique methods and get extra bang on your buck more results from the efforts that you’ve got so here is a tutorial methods to start an e-mail list in 2008 I actually just update this every year and alter the date so I do update it but you realize this makes it in order that it appears extra central to correct now which it’s so that’s just a little side technique for you as you will discover it was once up to date and released in February of 2018 although this used to be a put up that used to be firstly written in 2009 I’ve when you consider that changed e-mail service vendors in order that has modified and it you understand it just makes a person think comfy that that is anything that’s up-to-date so quite a lot of knowledge right here proper very high in tutorial longer put up get typically shared more commercials extra watch time and session time of your website however right here we are here are the movies the equal exact videos that have been on YouTube and bet what here is the convertkit verify out and incidentally amber says I just watched that sequence and it was mighty thanks amber I appreciate that so once more having a series of videos which helps on YouTube chiefly right notably if they’re on a playlist and scientific those of you who do YouTube you probably have a series of videos that teach us some thing share the hyperlink to that playlist each time you mention it now not simply the only first video for the reason that if it is in a playlist it appears like a playlist and a individual will routinely go from quantity one to number two it mechanically suggests that they’re all there it keeps folks in there which keeps folks on YouTube longer which continues persons gazing your videos longer which simply helps you in the algorithm so that that’s what I wanted to share with that alright let’s keep going right here guys you guys are high-quality thank you so much just checking and clearly let’s take a fast the place are you from wreck cuz i like I like to ruin up that you realize do pattern interrupt so simply tell me rather speedy within the chat where are you from i’m going to learn out some places in just a minute as I hold going right here so where are you from top notch let’s keep going so we at the moment are into this video so ma excused the monitor shot despite the fact that I did purposefully put this in right here in view that it’s seem really bizarre and humorous however right here we go the top 5 e-mail advertising third-occasion instruments gosh we got persons staring at from Calgary Portugal London can are there any US individuals in here okay cool a variety of them simply Texas San Diego thanks guys appreciate you being right here and participating and being a part of crew Flint k so let’s keep going with this the highest 5 e mail advertising 0.33-get together tools good let me let me just bought I one simply desired to show you this video rather speedy now i’m gonna come again to me so a list of resources men and women love lists of resources so what’s in that video so I mentioned optinmonster which is a tool I mentioned leadpages I talked about hellobar and a few other instruments in and round e mail marketing correct so yes these furnish mainly affiliate marketing possibilities too but they don’t have to however a type of instruments is convertkit so even though a man or woman already has an e-mail service supplier right they don’t want the convertkit tip however they got the 4 different ones which can be high worth that they not know about or could not have gotten entry to but however it becomes a shareable submit that even if humans use activecampaign or a weber they might even nonetheless share that submit with their audience and now new humans are coming who are going to see my suggestion for convertkit and so in the event that they get worth and in the event that they would dive into my demo it simply becomes a way to no longer directly however still allow for a convertkit link and promoting to be put in there so you will see that the way it style of like indirectly in and around these other merchandise and and do not simply decide upon for random products you still want them to definitely be helpful and it does not have got to be five both it could be top three prime ten high nine seven something bizarre numbers tend to do very good at the least on YouTube and on blogs one of those will also be your most important focal point product considering the fact that some of these posts gets shared very traditionally so i have noticeable quite a lot of conversions on this video and then also a corresponding web publication submit that’s precisely the equal thing so again a exceptional strategy to kind of you understand variety of insert that link again in a way that is no longer similar to whats up guys convertkit again right here it is but no yeah it’s a encouraged device however there are different instruments in there as good extremely good let’s keep going right here that is the encouraged tool this is transformed very good this can be a podcast interview with Nathan Barry in episode 244 and as you’ll discover it is bootstrapping a up with nathan berry from convertkit so what what is that this what is this affiliate advertising is intricate because you’re telling people to head buy from somebody else or a organization that’s now not you proper now I do propose you process affiliate advertising via recommending products as in the event that they were your own but the honest reality is they aren’t your own products that’s the benefit you don’t have got to spend time to create them the consumer service is already looked after traditionally after a character buys correct considering that that’s their comp that is that organization’s responsibility so once more very predominant that you just opt for firms that we’re gonna handle your humans right for the reason that when you propose some thing just for the money and that merchandise terrible you’re never gonna have that individual take a advice from you ever once more so anyway variety of getting off a tangent now the hard factor is you are telling persons to move purchase from anyone else so what is the exceptional option to get a man or woman to trust that other corporation or believe the other man or woman to hear their voice to get to know them so whether it is a weblog interview however I choose video or podcasting principally for the reason that it is very intimate there is a lot more emotion there which you could inform studies this is how I get men and women to fall in love now not simply with convertkit but for the person who’s in the back of convertkit so when a character’s asking themselves on my own I have no idea about this manufacturer however they hear so if a character’s like I do not know about this organization however i like this i like this character and so they’re gonna be extra likely to comply with by means of now also Nathan does a just right job of what appear simply making sure we’re all good Germany within the residence satisfactory incredible seven advantages in the condominium I always see you on these streams I find it irresistible thanks i have been ingesting your content material for years Pat says welcome to crypto good welcome to you are super thanks I appreciate that so with regards to these studies that’s where it can be at so if you could invite anyone to your podcast who happens to be the founder or anyone who works on the product that you simply promote even though that episode is just not a heyguys go via convertkit now sort of sort of thing it’s now not it’s not difficult at all you’re telling a narrative and Nathan’s story is great he bootstrap this company he just about gave up on it he was once just at $2,000 a month for years unless he sooner or later went all-in with it and he talks about how a man or woman in the startup world told him to give up like any these matters and now we fall in love with Nathan as a consequence we now trust that product suggestion is sensible is sensible provide me a give me a random emoji if that makes sense to you it is severely an particularly powerful underutilized approach to ask a individual on in some way and introduce their story and it simply so occurs that it simply is the individual that matches that product so supply me an emoji i’d love to see a random emoji from you thanks guys k so let’s keep going right here we are rockin by means of and so all proper what else well a webinar i am no longer gonna go too lengthy into this due to the fact this does require quite a few coordination and timing it can be obviously not passive that’s for certain however coordinating a webinar with another character who’s selling something is a quality way to obtain the identical thing that I simply talked about with the podcast however in a live setting answering questions a person can get to understand the person in the back of the product or you and there’s some coaching worried sort of it combines the entire things we just talked about into one so webinars I’ve achieved with convertkit have achieved very well however I additionally want to exhibit you this e-mail advertising and marketing guidelines ok okay so isn’t this for persons who have already got email marketing sure but this is changed relatively well so i want you to suppose about this let me come back on the screen here so e-mail advertising and marketing guidelines ten things one can find if you’re truely doing that you simply will have to be doing with the e-mail advertising and marketing k point quantity one are you doing this factor number two are you making it personal factor number three four five well how do I promote convertkit with a checklist if if convert kits for men and women who don’t even have e mail advertising and marketing well points eight and nine are about things that most effective convertkit can do so by way of offering an audit to your viewers you’re offering quite a few price you are allowing them to no longer just to learn a submit however stroll through it to peer yeah I did that I did that what does a person want to do they need to nail all ten things proper so that you provide them an audit to move through you are being valuable due to the fact that what in the event that they did not get factor number one and two well you’re helping them you’re providing value however facets eight and 9 are like you realize the segmentation and tagging portions of your email are you segmenting your audience established on interest and and and heat like are they scorching are they bloodless are they just cold and simply you know finding me for the primary time or have they a person been somebody for your record who has engaged with you by some means so I get two point eight 9 and i do not in particular mention that hello guys you should get convertkit on account that wager what that’s the device that’s gonna make this happen however it’s however nevertheless it’s implied given that i’m showing examples on convert Kay and that i do mention incidentally i use convertkit to achieve these matters and that is it so through supplying and guys this is like I that is this has been like as I used to be doing research for this livestream or for the replay for those of you looking at the replay I I didn’t even realise how robust this designated submit was once so a checklist or an audit to have persons by means of one by one is very attractive right there on there they’re checking matters may also be completed in a video as well however then points eight and nine are like the matters that that device or that software or that path or that you understand recreation or that product can simplest do cool in order that that makes it fairly fascinating considering folks then see wow I don’t have the potential to do that so this has been person who has transformed individuals from MailChimp it can be changed humans from Aweber and once more am I being snarky about it am I being like a snake oil salesman no i am supplying worth even as however simply variety of in a ninja like fashion showing people good here is why convertkit probably a smart move for you at this factor and that is that is carried out very well for me yeah and this is the second reside considering the fact that the primary one I had quite a few technical system faults and i couldn’t show you the screenshots and matters here in my system okay and then sooner or later this is the last one and then I had a pair inquiries to ask you and then i am gonna award a winner to those of you staring at live and that is a t-shirt and a signed replica of will it fly and in addition for you replay viewers i’ll ask you a query as well so we’re gonna go into the computer yet another time and i wish to exhibit you this it is a touchdown page for a assignment challenges are excellent considering the fact that that gets men and women to maneuver you get a lot of a lot more email subscribers in a brief interval of time humans like challenges since they may be like k i don’t must do that without end it is going to simply take me you already know this one is a seventy two hour or three day undertaking to support a individual go from zero emails to 100 emails now in this specific assignment I show men and women some manual ways to try this very a lot inspired through Brian Harris from video fruit to construct their email record they do not even need i don’t even talk about convertkit the first section of this so what what occurs in this in this in this assignment is humans subscribe to the project then they get emails every single day for three days that walk them by way of tips on how to slowly and then expectantly construct momentum to build their e mail us to a hundred by way of the top of three days so what occurs at the end of 30 days they have got this e-mail list of 100 that they’ve you realize literally having a spreadsheet or something they want someplace to put it so I say good day guys by the way in case you are competent to move from the following steps to get into an e mail service provider to aid you manipulate simply ship emails out to each person cetera this is the one I advise this is a demo for it listed below are some more expertise about it and here is a 30-day free trial to be able to test it out and take a look at it out and that’s been working rather good now in the beginning this project was executed reside which means I wrote the emails in a broadcast as humans have been going by means of it correct but then afterwards I took those publicizes emails put them into an autoresponder series and now people can go to only one hundred emails calm and at any time and that i stated that on podcast and blog post and wherever now people at every time can go through that project and it’s automatic now they still get an email a day nevertheless it’s an autoresponder sequence and once more at the finish of that autoresponder sequence what occurs convertkit could not will get stated there’s an apparent next transfer for people who are there bada-bing bada-increase all right elke says effective expertise tom says i was once with a weber then get response now ultimately completely happy with drip dokin burke is great drip is pleasant too let’s have a look at it’s so difficult when emails go to unsolicited mail how to discontinue it i have some blog posts on SPI about that so i am now not gonna get into that right now we will most commonly say that for a later dialog however hello guys I would really like to grasp from you and i’m gonna choose one character who answers this question staring at live now to win an ass Pat t-shirt and a signed copy my buck will it fly which this kind of affiliate advertising and marketing strategies are you going to do next so that you might have a product that you simply already advise perhaps no longer but of those systems with which one resonates with you that you just consider that you can you could get finished i would love to understand your reply and that is without a doubt your name to motion so some thing you write down i want you to focal point on that in the case of affiliate advertising and marketing and promoting these products that you’re possible recommending already doubtless utilizing already however simply not quite bettering the way you do the affiliate advertising so which of those approaches make sense for you so we talked concerning the demo video we talked about a longer tutorial where the the object is simply section part of it we pointed out you already know the audit we pointed out you already know a record publish of quite a lot of instruments and this instrument simply happens to be one that is stated in it we talked a couple of webinar we talked a few project which such a things is smart for you next i’m gonna in finding oh and a resource web page I forgot the useful resource page so let’s examine here we obtained a resource page demo video i really like this you know why i like this for the reason that you guys be aware of that you simply have got to take this and we’re gonna take one motion one step at a time and you realize what that’s you’ve instructed me simply now what you might be about to do and if you’re looking at the replay you can style that into when you reply after I ask you uh virtually almost i’ll ask you the identical question so after this goes down or after the livestream ends it can be gonna be processed then it can be gonna be put again up and many of you might be seeing it now considering of that you simply now have the possibility within the replay to answer the same query so which this type of tactics make feel for you and to understand that i’m looking at individuals or watching on the solutions coming from the replay viewers use the hash tag staff Flynn T EAM FL y and n on the grounds that you’re a part of team Flynn expectantly you subscribed to end up a component in crew Flynn as good that’s how i do know that you were staring at the replay and people of you on reside now sure that you may come back you get slightly bit of a 2nd chance when you don’t win so let’s look right here I want to let’s let’s provide to i admire i like this identify Joseph Agustin that final title is beautiful dope so Joseph send an e mail congratulations you gained will it fly shirt and a spat t-shirt Joseph Augustine Pat at smartpassiveincome.Com is where you will ship that electronic mail my lovely assistant Jessica it is gonna count on an email from you and we will be able to hook you up gratis on us you guys are superb thank you so much for staring at their you replay viewers use the hash tag crew Flynn reply the identical question which this type of methods is sensible for you and will award that individual subsequent week so final week it used to be Adam Richardson subsequent week it would be you just depart your answer under guys this was once fine thank you so much I appreciate you for those of you who have been on previous today once I was just fumbling with the science thank you for coming again and you guys are tremendous let’s examine here satisfactory guys i’m hoping you bought plenty of high-quality knowledge and for those who wrote down an reply that’s your call to motion that is the thing you are gonna center of attention on subsequent and that you may verify out examples for me or other people for a way to do this too so hiya guys victorious victorious reside flow each Friday i’m on so be certain you hit subscribe so that you could join workforce Flynn hit the notification bell so you understand when I go live or even when new videos come out next your amazing peace out have an strong weekend and i’ll see you on the flip facet

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