10 Year Plan for Authentic Business (and to reach a semi retirement lifestyle)

“Expert Reveals Realistic 10-Year Plan for Growing Your Business and Achieving Meaningful Income”

About 12 years ago, I started to coach self-employed people and entrepreneurs in marketing.And then I expanded that to Business Development or business creation growth in general and I have noticed that after teaching and mentoring and coaching thousands of self-employed people by this point, there is often a very unrealistic.Understanding about the timeline of what it takes to go from nothing.You don’t have a business zero income to having a full-time meaningful income.That is recurring and some of which is passive income.So I want to share with you in this video, a realistic plan and therefore it has a more realistic timeline.And I’m calling this the 10-year plan for us Alright, so what’s possible with this plan?Just to give you some some hope and inspiration and I’m going to refer to my notice, I is I talk you through this is that by the end of the second year, you’ll have a part-time income, providing a service that you enjoy.

“Expert Reveals Plan for Achieving Semi-Retirement and Full-Time Income through Authentic Service Offering”

And would love to share with more people per year, for you’ll have a full-time income, which includes 121 service, and some group offerings, and then by year 10, you’ll have definitely a full-time.You’ll still have a full-time income by that point, it’s recurring, and it’s also buy year, 10 somewhat passive, and possibly quite passive.Depending on how much Outsourcing you do by that point and allows for semi-retirement, And being one of the best in your field as well.And when I say semi-retirement, the reason I say that is because I don’t believe in full retirement.That’s why my plan talk about this.But if you use the plan, you could technically create full retirement.If you automate Outsource everything, it’s just that in my viewpoint to have a really authentic this one that is providing genuine deep value for the customers and the clients Semi-retirement makes more sense.

“Why You Shouldn’t Completely Retire from Your Business: Insights from Mike’s Personal Goal”

Because if you completely take your hands off of the business, what happens is that you will, you will surrender The Innovation and the continued growth of value for your customers, you’ll surrender that, and your business will become more and more irrelevant.So, yes, of course, you can retire.If you save enough money and decide to sell the business or close the business, but in this Viewpoint, Mike personal goal is to never retire until I have to because of mental decline or physical decline.But to work, as long as I can, at least a semi semi part-time way.Anyways, this was his plan allows you to do, so let’s get going.All right, so the first the first year And by the way, as I’m talking through this, please think, imagine yourself doing this.And if you have any blocks to fall in the plan, please, go ahead and comment below and let me know what your question is.

“Building an Authentic Audience: The Key to Successful Content Marketing in Year One”

And I’d be happy to address it briefly and then and whatever time I can still first year the focus in year one is authentic content marketing.And the reason is because to actually have an authentic, this is a business where you’re able to express your Soul’s Calling or express your gifts and your talents and do the kind of work that you really enjoy working with the kind of people that you enjoy.It starts with building an authentic audience and audience.The true fans who actually care about your message Care about your journey and really match your energy signature and sometimes I talk about this and I don’t talk about it often enough, which is that your energy signature is unique in the world.Nobody else has your energy signature and it’s hard to even for me to explain what that is but it’s some combination of your voice.

“Discover Your Unique Energy Signature: Standing Out Among 8 Billion People”

The way you look the way you move your face, the way you use your voice, the way you write the way you think about thoughts and and explain things, the way you solve problems, the way you interact with people, that whole combination and more your personality and everything forms, would I call your energy signature?And that is really unique in the world, and there are probably tens of thousands of people in the world.Think about this, there are approaching 8 billion people in the world 8 doing.Alright, so what’s 1 /?Tenth of 1% of a feeling.That’s very small number right.Take, take, take a hundred random people in the world, and let’s just like one of them is quite special already.So 1% of 8 billion is 80 million, right?Yes.And then take those one 1 out of 100, very special people in the world who more resonate with you, I’ll get one out of a hundred people in the world resonate with you.Okay?

“Unlocking the Power of True Fans: How Authentic Content Marketing Can Help You Reach Your Audience”

Now let’s take a hundred of those special people in the room and let’s just take even one of those people who resonate with you.The most is my what’s 1% of 80800000 people.So 800,000 people and let’s say that you were only ever in your lifetime able to reach 1% of those 800,000 people.That’s 8,000, true, true fans that you are able to definitely read in your lifetime.So my goodness with 8,000 truth.I don’t even have 8000. 8000 van now, maybe I don’t know, 800m are true fans for something like that.I don’t know, but I’m still long away from reaching those 8,000.Right?I’ve taken.So I’ve been this for 12 years and I have maybe eight hundred maybe true fans.Maybe it’s more like 82 fans.I’m not sure but you certainly have something like 8,000 fans and year one.You start to reach some of those 8,000.True fans with authentic content marketing.So what is authentic, kind of marketing.

“Building True Friendships at Scale through Content Marketing: Tips and Strategies”

It is sharing of yourself and your passions your learnings, your experiences in a way that you’re not trying to pretend to be anybody else.You’re sharing.As if you were talking to few.True friends with your audience is your audience the way I think about marketing.Is its building true friends at scale at the marketing is and many of you who have begun to your work with me more closely now.We’re Kindred Spirits, you know, we’re like two friends, right?And Friends friendship, that’s been defined it differently.But essentially, you becoming friendly with people who resonate with you, just who you are.That’s what I sent to content marketing.As you can do, either write a blog, you can do videos, you can make a podcast, you can use Instagram, you could use whatever social platform you enjoy using, and communicate weather in writing or video primarily, that’s what I recommend is writing or video.Let that be one or both.It’s time to be better for building an audience that way podcast is okay.

“Maximizing Your Reach: The Importance of Podcasts and Social Media Ads for Nurturing an Authentic Audience”

But I would recommend podcast ba and a side dish.To either your core method of content, being either riding or video or if you can do both, that’s even better for nurturing and growing an authentic audience.So that’s your one that you’re focusing on.That.Also also parked, by the way you’re one, you’re focusing on.Then it kind of marketing which includes I should mention content distribution.If you are just putting your bike riding videos out there but you don’t know how to get it to the right people.It’s going to be very difficult for you to reach those 8,000.True true fans.And so my favorite way at this time of this recording reaching, the right people is through Instagram ads, and Facebook ads And in the coming year I’m also going to be delving more into Google ads and Linkedin ads but if you can possibly do Facebook and Instagram, as I find that to be the cheapest and the easiest way to reach ar8000 each of our 8000, true true fan, okay.

“Mastering Joyful Productivity: Key to Building a Dedicated Audience and Sustainable Income”

I don’t even have to say true true fans really just true fans, right?And then you have the rest of the world who don’t know either.Don’t know about you yet or don’t resonate with you and we don’t need the whole world.We just like I said you had 8000 true fans, they’re going to buy just about everything, you create.And many of the things you create and not too much that’s more way more than enough income for semi retired or or retirement.Okay.So, All right, part of year.One and year, two very important.I should mention is also sincere work on your joyful productivity habits, because if you don’t know if you aren’t very skillful in managing your energy in in your and your and your time managing time is really manage your energy and your boundaries, your boundaries with yourself and with other people and knowing how to prioritize and knowing how to act act on your priorities in a calm and joyful and consistent way.So that’s joyful productivity.

“Maximizing Driver Productivity and Authentic Content Marketing Lead to 121 Services Success”

So you’re one in your to you should be sincere and working on your driver productivity, a bit by bit installing really strategic and good habits.And if you do that, you will be setting yourself up for cam joyful focused.In the Lifetime movie business, which is a very enjoyable experience.So you’re one authentic content marketing and joyful, productivity Year to you.Now bring in 121 Services meeting, you are now open to working with clients on 121 basis now y121 Services because it’s the quickest way to create to start creating a meaningful authentic income, right there.You know there’s hardly anything more meaningful than being with somebody and and serving them with the skills that you so enjoy helping people with and with year one of authentic content marketing, you now have a bit of an audience.Some of whom are probably interested if not eager to work with you on a one-to-one basis, cuz they’ve been seeing you on videos, if you can, or they can see in your writings.

“Creating a Successful Coaching Business: Moving from One-to-One to Group Programs”

And now they’re going to work with you once a month.So when someone is Is a really a great way to do it.I have a blog post called the tapering strategy for getting clients, so you might just want to Google that tapering strategy getting clients and you’ll find my blog post about that.That’s really mine recommended recommended way to start getting your first 50 clients.You might start with some clients that you are doing for working for free to get some feedback and testimonials in the beginning.But then you’ll start getting paid clients as well.So check that out.That’s a year to the focus on on getting someone to one client year 3, Your three by year 3.You’ve now created a part-time income, maybe even more with some of your one-to-one clients.All right.Now you’re getting, you’ve gotten months or maybe even a year of working with Once one client.Now you’re three.I recommend you create a group program.Now, by the way, I should say that.

“Maximizing Productivity: Offering Online Courses and Group Programs for Busy Professionals”

If, for any reason, you are not wanting to work with 120, clients, maybe you are a busy mother or father and or maybe you’re busy caretaking for for somebody elderly in your life, or somebody else.And, and you have a full-time job or whatever it is that that prevents you from from having enough slots for one-to-one client, then you can essentially skip to year for which is online courses.But for those of you who would you have the time to work?As one of my clients start with that first and then in year three, add a group program and maybe also Start writing a book but your three reprogram.What do I mean by food program program is basically a really good alternative to a one-to-one service.You should think of it that way.Really a group program is when when someone says, hey, I would love to work with you once one, but maybe I can’t afford to do that right now.

“Transform Your Coaching Business with Intensive Group Programs”

Well, then you have a group program to offer them a degree program, can be anything from where you show up, you know, twice a month on a zoom call and you coach your clients, or your, your customers are students, or you can do it as intensively as the way I do.My group program, where I show up, get this, I have 3 shoe and a call, just for my clients every single week.Yeah, in my group program, I have you sent you 3 times 4 weeks, in a month, I have 12 she when it comes just for that group every single month, 12 Black Bugatti, single man.Plus I have another Community called in it that I sold a once-a-week in that group.So essentially that group has the option of 16 calls a month with me, just for that group.And so that’s a very intensive type of new program, but your group program can be more.Casual can be can be less time intensive for you and for them and that’s maybe twice a month.Do you have a group call?Maybe it’s 90 minutes, maybe 2 hours, were you really deserve it?

How to Customize Advice in Group Programs and Deliver Knowledge to Multiple People at Once

And one of the common Blocks for free program creation.People say well I know what I do want to one with people and I can really customize my advice in my service to them.But then, how do I do that in a group?That’s where you I don’t know your work as well as you do.So that’s where you need to be creative and figure out how can I deliver my knowledge to to in a way where it needs?Many of the group’s members and then I can customize my advice in a group call to one person at a time.Knowing that, as I customize, my advice for one person at a time others who are watching that call listen to that car probably benefit as well.But chances are they are and so in a group program you can start to get creative and figure out how to use them deliver your knowledge to multiple people at once.That’s your job that’s your work but it’s absolutely can be done because imagine have you ever read a book from an author and go?I have a question for the author and they need to answer me right now.

“Maximizing Audience Engagement through Interactive Programs, Private Groups, and Online Courses”

I need them to customize their advice me right now.So, think about a book while I grew program is much more interactive and booked because they gets asked you on a regular basis, and in my group program, I have a private Facebook group and I respond there almost every day and that you can have some kind of group where they can, they can message you and each other and stay accountable.Say, motivated seller, do you program a year?Number three, and possibly also, at this point, start writing or publishing your first book, okay?So here for you now, add online courses.And by the way, for those of you who don’t want to do 1 to 1 service, you can skip directly to your for so-called year for and do online courses right away and similar to what I said before.Just like when you’re reading a book, you know, expect the offer to you, no respond to you right now.

“Online Course Delivery: Providing Knowledge to a Wider Audience on Their Schedule”

When you have a question, and when you watch a video, right, like right now, you’re watching this video, you don’t expect me to answer, drop, everything I’m doing and stop talking answer your question directly, right?That’s not realistic.Most of your watching this, after I’m recording, this many of you are watching this afternoon after work.We don’t expect me to drop everything.All you got to, so online course, is that idea where you deliver knowledge in a way?Where you record it?You deliver it knowing that many of the people who are are going to be watching it later and reading your your course document later and they might you might decide to offer them a chance to ask questions weather in the course document by adding a comment or by coming to one of your life.You and I calls you might like I have a monthly live Q&A for my recent student, so online course, you deliver knowledge.Okay.

“Maximizing Revenue Streams: Creating Diverse Course Offerings and Group Programs for Different Levels of Understanding”

And you can create many courses in your courses can be Four people at different levels of understanding, right?So, online course is your your for, and by the way I have a blog post that goes into more details on these things, or feel free to read the blog post to to find out more by this point.You now have several streams of income, you have 121 Services.You have a group program or more than one.And by the way through program, I should mention could be a large good program.A hundred people 200 people.Sometimes you call those membership programs, or it could be a small Mastermind of three people, five people, 12 people in a group and you have multiple masterminds going at the same time.It’s a good program, be creative and how you structure, that, you can have a mastermind.It’s like a big, these five people are at this level and those six, people aren’t that level and you have separate Pastor Mike that way or a larger group program, and have different calls for different levels there.

“Scaling Your Business: Leveraging Ads and Automation to Reach a Bigger Audience and Boost Sales”

So, Now, you have several streams of income 101 Services Group, programs, online courses, and maybe even a book or or two.Okay, year 5.Now you’re fired.You’re ready to scale your business a bit more with ads.And automation, to let me explain ads is where you, hopefully, you’ve already been doing some ads in year.One experimenting with that.But you’re fighting really focused on building a bigger audience and you have to sedate a much bigger audience with with like Facebook ads or Google ads and and and also your body focus on automation for your five is ads and automation your focus because now you have a system for income, you have a system for one of my clients through programs online courses.And now you’re Now you kind of take your eyes off of creating this thing so much and focus your efforts on stealing the sales of your courses and automating more using Favorite soccer for Automation zapier.Zapier zapier.And I, I am a solopreneur.I I don’t have any assistance.

“Maximizing Efficiency through Automation: How I Manage Over 20 Online Courses with Ease”

I really don’t the only time I hire system like on.Fiber is occasional like designer book cover for me or process, one of my audio books, which I record every once in awhile, that’s it.And maybe some technical thing that but my day today, I do everything.And how do I do everything?I have more than I have been getting close to or more than 20.I’ve definitely created more than 20 online course.It’s not all 20 are available on that website right now, but I’ve been selling multiple courses on a regular basis and that’s all done through automation.I don’t, you know, it’s I don’t fulfill each sale for sure.It’s all, it’s all done through automation, everything is connected and I just answer the questions I asked students have them or once a month in my call for year. 5 is adding automation year 6.Now You’re 6 is really where I’m at now.Now you might see George.

“Business Owner Shares Journey of Rebooting and Embracing Authentic Content Marketing”

I thought you’ve been in business for 12 years I have, but I didn’t create the 10-year, I both of you don’t know, my story know that I kind of rebooted my business in about 2013 2014 because originally, when I start in 2009, I was doing business in every mainstream by marketing was done in a very traditional way where it wasn’t really matching my authenticity.And so I I dropped all of that and brown 2013-2014 started over so ever, really since 2014.And 2014.Me, it took me a while to kind of start over and figure out what I wanted to do.The 2014-2015 was really when I started again 2014-2015, I started experimenting with authentic content marketing didn’t know what that was before I just really start experimenting.So it took me two years to do year.One 2014 2040 2014-2015 with year, one for me because I didn’t know how to do now.Of course, I’m Not to you.And a lot of you don’t have to take two years to do authentic Hunting Park, and you can take one year to really learn it.

“Mentorship and Automation: How to Streamline Your Business and Scale to Success”

So anyway, your six is where I’m at now and training, mentees, training mentees to start to do more of the work in my business.So now I’ve already been, I’ve already gotten several men to you.Several protegerse to know my strategy as well and are the I refer clients to them because I don’t do one-on-one coaching anymore.That’s why I prefer people onto my mentees.I see your 6 and that’s a great thing.By this point of your six, you already have a bunch of clients.You already have bunch of students and now you can basically know which ones are do.You understand you and do good work?And you refer people to that is where you can consider hiring an assistant, whatever you couldn’t automate in year, five and six, you hire an assistant to to help you out and you’re 7, do the things that software cannot and be the only humans can’t Ye rate is larger joint ventures.Now that you have automation really systematized, you have your system going and doing well.

“Maximizing Your Business Potential: Scaling Up with Joint Ventures and Streamlining Processes for Continuous Improvement”

Now you can scale up even more with large joint ventures with companies.And with bigger influencers, to get your course, doubt you even more people or nine is systems documentation.So, now your system and you are really focused on writing step-by-step your entire business process, step by step into documentation, so that when your system leaves, not if, but when your assistant will use your assistance, will always come and go.That’s what I’ve noticed.I haven’t passed hired assistance multiple of them.They always come and go.So you need documentation to easily train both written and video documentation about your business process to trees.We train people.As they leave and new people come in and you’re ten is, what I call Kaizen forever.Kaizen is a Japanese word that Continuous Improvement, essentially, small spectacle a small continuous Improvement.

“Kaizen Forever: How to Build a Sustainable Business with Continuous Improvement and Outsourcing Strategies”

So you always improving your system, your prophecies and your own skills bit by bit by bit in the gentle and very doable way for Kaizen Forever.At this point you are certainly you can be semi-retired me about assistant or a team of assistants.By this point you got Automation and you’re really just doing the teaching you might be in your yard.You still continuing creative content to keep yourself sharp and to add more value to your audience, the Kaizen forever, your 10 and onward.It’s just continue to make the systems better and better and I buy some point you get to do less, and less work business because you are able to systematize Outsource more and more of it as software, get smarter, and as your systems, get more train, get better.And now your sister and your main system may be hiring others to help you out.

“Realistic Retirement Planning: A Guide to Achieving Business Success with Fewer Hours”

So by your tan, is where My retirement is certainly not only possible but very likely and you may even move more more towards working just a few hours a week on your business on the most high leverage things that only you can do.So I hope this is helpful and I hope you’ll ask me any questions.You’re stuck on any part of it.I can answer.Briefly, give you maybe.a tip here there and so let me know if this helps and looking forward to your comments on this.I hope this gives you a more realistic timeline and plan, it really breathe.And then typing, this is very realistic for most people.So I like to, I like to teach authentic business in a way that’s honest.Not like some of the marketing expert to say how six figures in 60 days.Yeah, it’s even if that were to happen for a tiny percentage of people.It’s not the same.This plan is certainly doable cuz I’m living at myself.So I hope this helps.

“Emphasizing Authenticity and Consistency: Tips for Engaging Your Audience with Video Content”

I look forward to your comments and your questions and until the next video be well and continue to show up authentically and consistently…

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