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Nine steps to make 125 dollars a day on YouTube. Have you been looking for ways to make money online but kind of fallen short well in this video? I’M gon na show you nine ways that you can make money online and we’re starting right now: hey everyone! J.R. Fisher here, if you’re new to my channel, make sure you subscribe right now go down to that subscribe button and go ahead and click it right now. Don’T forget turn on the Bell notifications. All you have to do is click the bell next to it and pick select all notifications and that way, you’ll know what I do: a new video. Now I’ve been selling online since 2009 and I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of both digital and physical product, and my branded products are actually on thousands of websites, including Walmart, now on this channel. Quite simply, I just show you the tips and tricks that I’ve used to generate millions of dollars of sales online, and I share them with you at the end of this video. I’M actually going to give you access to a $ 97 course, but you won’t have to pay for it. It’S gon na be absolutely free, so you’ll want to check that out. Okay, let’s face it, there’s thousands hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people making millions of dollars online and really they’re no different from you and me. The only difference is they have the tips in the tricks and the tools, and they know how to do it and in this video I’m going to show you nine of them, so you can start making money right away now. Have you already tried to make money on YouTube and couldn’t quite figure it out well in this video you’re gon na know how to do it? Don’T forget, put your comments below if you’ve already tried some of these things or if you’ve tried other things and they’ve worked or haven’t work. I want to know what you’ve done. You know we all want to make money online, and I remember when I got started. It seemed like there are all kinds of ways to do stuff, but so many of them seemed so skinny and most of the items that they were telling. You would just end up losing now. Let me tell you something about this. These are all kind of passive income things, but don’t think that passive income means you don’t have to do any work. Basically, what passive income is? You do a lot of work and you set it up and it generates money for you on down the road while you’re not working. So that’s what passive income is, because a lot of people will jump into this and go well. I don’t have to do any work and I’m gon na make money. That’S not the case. That’S not gon na happen. If people tell you it’s, you know the easiest thing in the world to do. That’S not true, just because something’s very simple to do does not make it easy. Now I’m gon na give you simple steps and you got to do but you’ve got to put in the effort you got to put in the work, but the cool thing is once you’ve done, that it will generate money for you ORN down the road passively. So that’s what we want to do now. The first way you can make money on YouTube is through Adsense. Now what is Adsense Adsense is actually YouTube running ads on your videos, but that sounds easy. It everybody says: well, that’s what I want to do. I just want to make money when people watch my videos that is gon na, be a very, very small percentage of your income you’re not going to make a lot of money on this and you have to qualify. So all on the get-go. When you first get started, you can’t even do this, because what you’re gon na need is you’re gon na need. One thousand subscribers and you’re gon na need four thousand hours of watch time in the previous 12 months, and it takes a it takes some time to get them, and that’s just not gon na happen right away. In addition to that you’re not going to get paid that much I mean you have to have hundreds of thousands or even millions of views to make any money doing that, but that’s okay! It is a way to do it, and you want to think of this. Money is just some extra money. In most cases, they’re gon na pay, you per thousand views anywhere from $ 1 to maybe $ 20 and you’re. Never gon na know what that is, and it’s gon na vary according to your niche too. So if you’re in a nice where you may get a lot of views, but you don’t have buyers that cost per thousand views that they’re gon na pay. You is very, very low, an example would be. You know if you’re doing Frank people who go online and watch prank. Videos are just there to be entertained and they’re, probably not gon na buy anything, and that’s probably true with gaming videos too. You know if they’re there watching you play a game, you may get a lot of views, but they’re not necessarily gon na buy anything. Now, if you’re doing videos that educate people or maybe recipes where they could actually buy. You know cookware stuff like that or if you’re educating them on finance – or you know how to make money or something like that where they can actually buy courses or different types of things like that, then, of course that CPM or the cost per thousand views is Gon na be a much higher amount and you can earn more money, but I don’t want you to depend on views right now, because that’s not where you’re gon na make your money and on down the road. It will probably account for about 3 % of your total income, but that is one way and you do want to get it set up as soon as you possibly can. The next thing you can do is Aliexpress drop shipping. Now a lot of people will run ads to sales pages, but you can actually do this on YouTube. What you have to do is you have to go to Aliexpress and you want to search for some good products. You want to find a good vendor that sold a lot of the product, that’s something that’s very popular, but it’s a little bit different and cool, and then what you do is you get one of those products? Have it sent to you and actually do a review of that product on YouTube once you’ve done that you put a link in your description of that particular product, going to your sales page that integrates with Aliexpress, you can actually make sales on that actual product and Not even have to run ads, you can use the views when your videos on YouTube for free number. Three. The next thing you can do is use Clickbank. Now Clickbank is awesome, because what Clickbank is is it’s a website of a whole bunch of different products that you can sell and actually get a commission on Clickbank has been around since the late 90s and they do hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. So you can be assured it’s a good site to work with now. What you want to do is pick a good product on there, whether it has some good tools, you know, maybe banners and ads and all that and what that tells you, even though you wouldn’t use those on YouTube. That tells you that that particular seller of that course has put a lot of effort into it and they’ve made it a whole lot easier for you to sell it. Then all you have to do is take that product whatever it is, whether it’s a course on sowing or cooking or whatever it is, do a review of that course on YouTube. When you do a review at that course on YouTube, you let the people know that they can actually grab. That course, in the link below now, please please make sure that you’ve actually looked at the course or the product that you’re selling too many people will recommend something and they’ve never even used the course so they’ve never used the product. That’S not what you want to do. You want to make sure you use the course use the product make sure it’s a good product, so you feel good about recommending it now, if you don’t do this and people end up buying the course, that’s not a good course or it’s not a good product. They’Re gon na think that your videos aren’t good and that you’re maybe not telling the truth. So this is not gon na gain. You subscribers and you’re not gon na build your YouTube channel, so you don’t want to do it that way, but Clickbank is an excellent way for you to make money on YouTube without having to run the ads. You can just put the link to that product in the description your affiliate Lee number four is online courses or online courses is an exploding industry. Now what you can do is you can offer them a free course. If you notice, in the beginning of this video, I said, there’s a $ 97 e-commerce course, which is true, and I’m going to give it to you for free now, when you get this course for free. What I will do is I’ll. Send you some emails. We have other products, we have more advanced courses and you may buy one of those courses, so you can do one of two things. You can actually put a link in that description. That goes to a free course or one that you’re selling them they’re selling courses online. It’S great because once you’ve made, that course you can sell it over and over and over again to thousands and thousands of people, and you only made the course one time. Okay, number five is consulting consulting is awesome if you’ve got some expertise in a particular area, and I didn’t in the beginning. I didn’t have any expertise in the area, but now I’ve been selling online for years and I know how to sell stuff online. So I actually do consulting so what a lot of experts do, and I saw a really cool channel the other day, where an attorney actually gives out advice on what you can and can’t do on YouTube and in the description after all of his videos. He has consulting services where you can actually hire it, so the cool thing is right up front. He helps you out. He gives you good information that you could use and then he says: hey if you want more. If you want more help, click here – and I actually have some one-on-one services that I can actually sell you and he’s got horses he’s got consulting all kinds of stuff. So consulting is a great way to make some money and you can build your reputation on YouTube by doing videos on a subject that you’re really well-versed in number six is on line service parbat Russian. What does that mean? That sounds really fancy. It’S not really a lot of small businesses need email providers, people to write emails and sales pages and, to you know, do ads and maybe graphics and that type of thing – and they don’t know where to get started. So what they will do is they will hire some mate like you, that knows all these people and you can actually go out and hire these people in different countries. We like the Philippines, India, Pakistan and actually find these people to do the work for, and then you charge them for the project. They don’t know whether you’re doing the work or somebody else is doing the work, and it really doesn’t matter as long as you farm out the work to somebody that you know and trust an example. Maybe there’s a $ 500 job that you’ve got through somebody that you’re gon na help them do some. You know Facebook ads and what you do is you find somebody for $ 200 or $ 300 and you let them actually do the work so you’re not physically doing the work you’re doing the arbitrage of the work. Number seven is Amazon. Affiliate links, oh my god. This is awesome and if you notice, in the description below I’m gon na, have a lot of links down there for the camera equipment I use in the lighting I use and all kinds of things that I recommend and a lot of those are Amazon links. Now something else you can do is you could actually do a review of a product from Amazon and have the link below where they can get it now. The way the Amazon link works is pretty cool because if they click on the link and buy that product, you get a commission but here’s the cool thing. If they click on that link, it don’t buy that product, but they buy other. You still get a commission, so Amazon links are amazing and you could make a lot of money on them and a lot of youtubers. Actually, the majority of their money is coming from Amazon affiliate links, so you can either put links in the description of other items or you can actually do a review of an Amazon product and put the link of that particular product. In the description number eight you can do sponsored videos you can actually with not a real big following contact. Some of these companies that have a particular product and do a video on their product and get sponsored along a lot of these companies will pay five hundred or a thousand or ten thousand dollars just to do a video on their particular product. Because you have the reach of the audience, so if you build up an audience and make up, you could contact some makeup companies. If you built an audience and tack, you can contact some camera companies and some lighting companies and just say: hey I’ll. Do a video and if you’d like to sponsor it I’ll, even talk about your product, you will be surprised how many of those people will do it, because if they go out and do their own advertising, it cost thousands of dollars. So it’s a whole lot better to pay you five hundred or a thousand or a few thousand dollars, and do a video. That’S gon na live on YouTube for a long long time and the product gets shown over and over and over and the last one. On my list is actually ebooks. Ebooks are amazing, you can sell ebooks on YouTube or you can let them opt in for free ebooks and then you can sell them your other products once you’ve got them on the list. Now you may be saying: well, I don’t want to write, I’m not a good writer. I can’t do all that. It’S not a problem. You can go to something like text broker or up work and just hire somebody to write the e-book for you once you have it written. You can sell it over and over and over again they’re simple and easy to do, and they really don’t cost that much to get done. Okay, so those are some of my favorite ways to make money on YouTube and I’m sure, there’s a ton more out there matter of fact, if you’ve got some ideas of how to make money on YouTube, put them in the description below I’d love to hear that, If you’ve had some issues – or you have questions – also put that in the comments below too, if you haven’t subscribed yet shame on you, click that subscribe button right down there right now and also battle notifications right next to the subscribe button. There’S a little bell! You want to click on the bell. You want to smash it really hard and turn on all notifications. That way, I cannotify you every single time. I do a new video. Don’T forget, I’m gon na give you a free e-commerce course. It’S in the description below so $ 97 course you can get it absolutely free. Just go in the description. All you got to do is just click. It’S really simple! Hey thanks! So much for watching this. Video and I’ll see you in the next one: hey thanks for watching my video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and click that little bell right there, so you can be notified every time. I do a new video, also click on one of those videos. There keep watching on my channel


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