Entrepreneurs Mindset Tips To Stay Focused

a lot of people talk to me about the shiny object syndrome they say they can’t focus they have so many things going on but they’re just not moving forward and it’s a big problem for a lot of entrepreneurs is that they see a lot of opportunities a lot of things they could do say at half a blog half a book they do a little bit on social media for a month and they stop they’ve started an Instagram they’ve started a facebook channel they’ve done half of life events that thought about so many different things then they’ve had a multi-level marketing product a real estate thing and this is it they’ve got so much going on there’s so much balls up in the air they just don’t know which one they’re actually going to focus on and the problem with this is nothing happens I was talking to a client recently who’d spent 15 years and never had a business going past six figures headed in many starts many little stuff but never gone past I asked him why and why he never gone through in it always said it was because of the product it’s because of the thing he was doing always because of the Facebook thing here list so he never finished anything he was always looking for a better way and here so I want to say to you view of this problem the grass is greener where you water it the grass is greener where you water it there is in every single one of those opportunities that you’re thinking about a way to win you have to however apply yourself and master it and so lots of guys will Chris which one should they choose and I always say choose the opportunity that’s right in front of you choose the one that’s the fastest past path to profit choose the one that’s actually going to work for you and stop looking for new things I always say choose one product or service choose one target market one person find one way to present your information and find one way to promote it just focus on one and so here’s what I suggest the first thing that you should really focus on is the thing that’s going to make the most money and for us what we’ve seen out there consulting and coaching but especially consulting is what’s going to make the most money the fastest because you can charge a few a month as a consultant so if you haven’t got anything or if you’ve got consulting on their choose that the next thing is choose one person people get so confused as I say Chris I don’t want a niche I don’t want an inch I don’t want to miss out you’ve got to go deep on one person and get really really clear with them and focus on them before you go white because you’ll never get any momentum if you’re doing a little bit of marketing to this person little market a little bit likely that it takes time for a particular person to get to know you and to buy from you so if you keep starting and stopping and styling and stopping you’re not letting the momentum Heather so choose one person for that coaching or consulting number three how were you actually going to sell it how you’re going to present your offer we suggest using a live presentation either in person or on a webinar that gets what it is you do in your story out to as many people as possible and books and phone calls this is the exact system that we used to make millions of dollars every single month and you will – if you do it right create a high converting presentation that leads to phone call and then lastly the promotion the fastest and easiest promotion is to choose one media channel and to go all-in on that whether it’s YouTube Instagram or Facebook just choose one find all the top people in that industry follow them build relationships with them have this up on your channel share it and just the one promotion channel if you can get this level of focus I guarantee you next 90 days will be huge if you can get this level of focus I guarantee the next year that you have will be huge hope you enjoyed this show make sure you subscribe like or share this live the total freedom free of mind for your time for free your life and do what matters most and do it

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