How to crop and trim a video on your iPhone or iPad

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Apple SupportTake a long video and cut right to the good part with easy-to-use crop and trim tools in the Photos app. Apple Support We’ll show you how to crop your video to another aspect ratio and trim the length. We’ll start with the crop. In the Photos app, tap Edit while viewing a video. Then tap the crop button.

Now, tap the aspect ratio button in the upper-right corner. Apple Support You can manually crop your video by using FREEFORM, or you can select a preset crop. Drag the video to reframe it if you need to. Looks good! Need to shorten your video a bit?

To trim it, tap the Video button. From here, slide the handles to change the start and stop times. Apple Support Tap play to preview. And when you’re happy with your clip, tap Done. Want to go back to how it was?

– [Instructor] Hello, and welcome to tips and troubleshooting for Zoom. In this video, we will share a few helpful tips for using Zoom, including how to make sure your audio and video are working, how to use the chat function, and how to change your display name. First, make sure your phone or tablet volume is on and turned up. If you need to access the Zoom menu at any point, tap on your phone or tablet screen to have it appear on your screen. On your iPhone, the Zoom menu bar would be on the bottom of your screen.

On your iPad, it will be at the top. From this menu, you can control your audio and video.

To mute or unmute your audio, click on the microphone icon. You can tell that you are muted when there is a red line through the icon, and it says Unmute underneath the icon. It’s important to keep your microphone on mute during your class unless you need to ask a question so that everyone can hear what your instructor is saying and so that background noise is kept to a minimum.

It’s a good idea to mute yourself as soon as you join the meeting if you’re not already muted, so you can be ready to go.

To turn your video on or off, click on the Start Video icon. It is located next to the microphone icon. You will know that your video is off when there is a red line to the icon, and it says Start Video underneath the icon. If your audio or video is interrupted and you receive an Internet Unstable message, it means that your internet connection is not strong enough for Zoom.

You may need to move to an area with a better Wi-Fi signal. This might mean moving closer to where the router or modem is.

You can undo your changes anytime by tapping Edit…
.then Revert. And that’s a wrap! Now you can post and share your video in just the right size. Apple Support For more iPhone photo and video tips, subscribe to the Apple Support channel or click another video to keep watching.

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