How to Start Marketing On Pinterest

Whenever You Pin A Video

How to Start Marketing On PinterestIf you’ve been doing anything at all online for the past few weeks you should have known by now that the talk of the town is on Pinterest. Well, it’s not hard to imagine why Pinterest is getting all the attention right now because… the idea itself is smart whenever you pin a video.

What Pinterest basically is, is that it allows users to pin interesting pictures or images on their Pin Board to share it around with everyone, hence the name Pinterest. The concept is new, and if there’s one thing Facebook has taught us is that pictures do matter and they attract a lot of ‘clicks’ which is what most marketers are looking for online.

It is pretty easy to see why Pinterest is catching on like a wildfire at the moment because it’s easy, it’s fun and it’s new. Another reason for its ever growing popularity is because the Pin board is simply beautiful. Another plus for all the happiness that is going around in Pinterest is because people are posting stuff that are generally positive.

A quick browse on the site on a typical long day seems to put all stress at ease. It brings a smile to the face of a visitor, and because of that words spread naturally across the lands. Right now, there are about 5 million users on Pinterest and there has been no sign of stopping for this rapid increase anytime soon. It is reported that nearly 1.5 million people visit Pinterest a day and stays on the site for an average of 15 minutes.

Therefore, as any good entrepreneur would be doing, you too should start looking at your options to somehow move your marketing effort towards the ever growing community on Pinterest. And mind you… there are already many marketers who have started doing just that.

Let’s now take a look at just some of these tactics that are being used right now and how you can do the same for your business.

“Branding your business”

One of the things you need to do when you market on Pinterest is to always remember to include your business name / logo and feature it on your profile. When you do this, you are in fact giving your business the maximum exposure and this is always a good practice.

“Facebook and Twitter leverage”

How to Start Marketing On Pinterest

Connect your Pinterest account with Facebook and Twitter. By connecting your accounts together you also add social media buttons under your profile picture. Doing this you can easily funnel more traffic to your Facebook account and Twitter account which will increase both your fans and followers. In terms of business, you can project a better image to your potential prospects where you are actually established and that your products and services are solid.

Consistent Pins

Pinning is like posting on Facebook or twitting on twitter. Hence what you want to do is to Pin interesting stuff about your products and offers and at the same time keep the interest by your audience. The way to do this is to be consistent instead of pinning in bulk. Doing this usually helps you with your exposure different people who visit Pinterest every day.

Creativity is key

Whenever you do a pin, make sure both your picture and your board name is interesting. Be interesting and when done right, your pin gets viral, and you will get a ton of traffic to your site. Be careful not to pitch about your product too early, instead you can pin ‘success stories’ or ‘funny sightings’ of your products just to name a few. Your creativity in this will be the key factor whether it makes or breaks your Pinterest campaigns.

Make use of the comment feature

When you use Pinterest, be sure not to only pin but it is equally important to comment in other pins as well. Always comment sensibly and try to be helpful. You will be surprised at how much people will actually look at your profile when you post genuinely helpful comments.

And it gets better when you are able to do this consistently because that’s when you really get noticed by the masses and people will start believing that you are actually an expert in the field. Furthermore, try to comment on posts that are relative or mildly connected to your own business or post. This can help you get a more targeted type of traffic.

Mix it up

A good practice on Pinterest is to do a lot of repining when you find good and interesting pins. What happens here is that whenever you do a re-pin you actually repost other people’s pin and showing it to your followers. The persons or the owner of the image that you re-pinned gets notified via email as well as getting credited for your re-pins. If they like your pins, and decides to re-pin your post, that’s when the magic happens.

Pin Videos

On Pinterest, there is a feature where you can Pin Videos instead of Images. Obviously this take more time and effort, but the competition there is less because there are far less video pins then image pins. Hence whenever you pin a video, you are actually distinguishing yourself then the others and quite frankly, a picture can only deliver so much… but a video can potentially do a lot more than any given picture at any time.

Strong description

On Pinterest, there is a feature where you can Pin Videos instead of Images. Obviously, this take more time and effort, but the competition there is less because there are far fewer video pins then image pins. Hence whenever you pin a video, you are actually distinguishing yourself than the others and quite frankly, a picture can only deliver so much… but a video can potentially do a lot more than any given picture at any time.

Watermarking your images

It is almost impossible to stop people from ‘taking’ your images so if you decide to pin your own original images, consider using a watermark that shows your website link so that at least when people take your images you will still be able to brand yourself or even get traffic back to your site. Watermarking your images have works for so many years and will continue to do so in the future.

Testing and Tracking for success.

For more advanced marketers, you might want to track your pins and test different pin times for the best results. Learn to understand the crowd that is on Pinterest and you might even find a new opportunity that no one else has seen before. You might even uncover hidden niches that are just waiting to go big. Yes, it takes more time but once you get used to tracking and understanding the ‘numbers’ you will soon realize that you will never post / pin another image without proper tracking ever again.

Get people to pin for you whenever you pin a video.

Pinterest has a feature where you can add more ‘contributors’ for your board. Hence for starters if you have any workers, co-workers and staffs, you can add them and get them to contribute and populate your boards. Your staff will love it, and your board will be filled fast. That’s when people for the general public will start taking interest in your board.

When used right Pinterest could potentially be your strongest marketing tool yet. It is beautiful and at the same time it is very effective because you get to engage your prospects like never before. People can start to view your business as ‘one of them’ instead of being afraid that you are out to get their hard earned money You can build a relationship with your prospects and get them to understand and ultimately like you as a friend.

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Whenever You Pin A Video

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