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So I really hope you join me, I hope you start to increase conversions on your website and I look forward to speaking with you about Facebook Marketing Tactics That Will Get You Super Fans.

Facebook has come a long way to in the terms of revolutionizing the way people interact and socialize with one another. In fact, there’s not a corner in town that you can turn without having to graze your eyes on people carrying their expensive iPad while surfing on Facebook. People no longer use the phone to contact long distance friends or families anymore because it’s cheaper and easier to keep in touch via Facebook.

So Facebook has actually become something really important to a lot of people in their daily lives. And this brings us marketer’s attention into using Facebook and in turn gets fans (leads) to our products and services.

More and more expert marketers are seen to even encourage their prospects to share about their ‘stuff’ via Facebook in hope to fish out more prospects for them, which is what everyone should be doing because it’s typically free, and it’s good word of mouth advertising as well.

Back to fans, it is important to be reminded that not all fans are created equal.

Here’s a quick breakdown on the hierarchy of fans and what they mean to you (as published by Moontoast).

Super Fan > Purchasing Fan > Advocate Fan > Engaged Fan > Potential Fan

Here’s a quick definition of what the above fans are.

Super Fan: These fans have given you basic data permission, purchased from you before and has led to another fan buying from you.

Purchasing Fan: As the name indicates, these Fans have purchased something from you before and have given you basic data permission.

Advocate Fans: These Fans have spread the word about you and have grown your page likes.
Engaged Fans: These fans have liked your brand and trusts you
Potential Fan: This is a friend of a fan whom you have.

So it is obvious that from these descriptions that you would want a lot of Super Fans to grow your business. Below are a few ways to increase the number of Super Fans in your business via Facebook Marketing.

Churn out content frequently like a machine.

To Develop e-Book Software Application

To gain trust, it is important to have constant flow of good contents that not only is helpful to your fans, but also it has to be entertaining and motivating at the same time. Do not worry about pushing for the sale too early. Do it occasionally with a special offer or two? Hit them hard during special holiday seasons when you can give them a reason to purchase.

Be sure to take notice to the reaction of your fans. Are they more reactive towards pictures? Or are they more interested in your video contents? These little bits of knowledge can make a huge difference in your marketing towards your fan, and once you get their heart you open a gateway towards their wallet as well.

You can also drive your Facebook fans to your blog to get them exposed to even more content. However, just be sure to update your blog often.

Use ‘call to actions’ consistently.

There is a special power in consistency, and if you use it well, you are actually training your audience to act the way you want them to. In fact, of the easiest way to move a normal fan to become a Super Fan is to use call to actions in a consistent manner to slowly move them from the bottom tier of the hierarchy to a higher tiered one.

In order to do this, what you need to do is to post valuable contents frequently and insert a call to action such as “Click here”, “Like this” or just a simple “watch this” would suffice. These call to actions will be your low-cost investments to subtly train your fans to do what you want them to do and the results can often be stunning.

Get them to talk with one and another video information producer automation.

The comments section on each Facebook post is actually a very precious tool to us marketers. What this comments section does is it enhances the interactions between each fan, and thus it grows the relationship of the community. Plus the community will start to trust each other and get to know the positive experience of your current customers.

This interaction and community building is precious and when you have a large community that trusts you, the time to build trust for a new fan is relatively easy because of your Fan’s happy portfolio that has been building by itself via consistent contents.

One way to encourage your fans to talk in the comment section is to ask them a question. For example, if you are in the fitness niche you can ask a question like this “How many of your guys like to be strong like [celebrity name + picture] and why?” These kinds of question are begging for answers, and you will be surprised at the some of the answers.

People will start responding to each other, and soon your community will grow tight. Be sure to monitor the comments and moderate whenever required because there will always be bad seeds around to spoil your post.

Track and test your way to video information producer automation success.

Monitoring and tracking is not something that is hard to do on Facebook these days as the features built into Facebook pages are really helpful. However, if you are sending your fans to a link, your blog or even a video, it is imperative that you track with third-party software to get the necessary stats. Tracking these days is much easier compared to five years ago.

You can easily track basic stats using link tracking services such as and the best part of this is that you can use it for free. Of course, if you need more powerful tracking options, you will have to seek out stronger trackers.

These days, people on Facebook have been categorized as social customers. That means these people generally love to share, chat, post, like comment about your stuff. So pay attention and monitor their activities. When you see a good post or if your fans have something important to say, you support them and back them up if they are saying the truth. If they are entertaining or hilarious, you laugh with them. Show them that you are human, and you can be their ‘friend’ as well.

When your fans can feel important and if your product has done something significant for them to aid them in their problems, it is then that you have a Super Fan. So always try to keep your products top notch and the rest will come. Keep your video information producer automation cost low and learn from your fans. If they have any complaints, deal with it professionally and take the comment as a constructive one and see if you can improve your products even better. Facebook can do your business wonders but only if you play nice in this ever growing social society.


Video Information Producer Automation

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