Writing SEO Articles for Article Marketing

Lately I’ve been looking over a lot of SEO articles written for the purpose of article marketing Most of the writers have done a good job of getting all the parts in place. They use attention grabbing titles They present just enough but not too much information to keep the reader reading and they have seamless compelling resource boxes. But many times the key ingredient is missing Everyone knows that after keyword research the title may just be the most important part of your article. if you don’t grab the potential reader there you’ve probably lost him. And most likely won’t read your article of all. But if you deploy an arresting headline one that has emotional power and promises something to those who read the article one that grabs the reader and pulls him headlong into the article the battle is already half over and half won Then you just need to keep your reader reading. The idea is he’ll get to your resource box and click a link.

So if the title is all that important what would logically be the piece of next importance? Well the introductory paragraph of course The title entices your reader to take the initial plunge the introduction keeps him in calling him to wade out deeper and deeper and this is the missing ingredient I’ve been seeing or rather not seeing a lot of What I had been seeing instead are vapid bland UN-engaging, placid introductions that don’t have a single concrete detail to be found anywhere Here’s an illustrative example (made up) nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle we all need to eat nutritious food if we want to be healthy and active getting adequate protein carbohydrates fats vitamins and minerals is very important in achieving a healthy body this article will present seven important nutrition tips to help you achieve your health and fitness goals Absolutely nothing in this illustrative paragraph goes beyond the obvious and there’s not one single concrete detail.

Further, and most important there’s nothing to make me want to read the rest of the article. Maybe the last sentence but it’s pretty weak and preceeding limp, lifeless generalities probably cancel it out. Take a look of the introduction to this article. It’s not great but it is adequate and does the job. It starts in one place and takes a turn and the last sentence is designed to draw you in and make you want to read the article The idea is that you will want to read on. That you’ll be compelled to go and find out what the mysterious missing ingredient is.

So yes, Take the time to come up with a great title for your article marketing articles but make sure you also put just as much thought and effort into the introduction.

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